Sybil Info.

Have you ever seen "Sybil" with Sally Field?  I have.  Over 100 times.  Psychology 1 classes end with a viewing of the movie describing one woman's battle with Dissociative Identity Disorder from the 1970's.  I have actually uncovered some previously unknown facts about the real life Sybil, but that's besides the point.  If you've watched the movie with me, you'll like this list.  These are the reasons I admire Richard Loomis from the movie.

1. He’s a caring single father that sets clear boundaries.

2. He makes "lots of tax free money."

3. He has a horse, and is not afraid to use it to get the ladies

4. He owns an autographed picture of Lawrence Welk

5. He doesn't mind walking on dates (through seedy parts of town nonetheless)

6. How quick his shirt comes off given the right opportunity

7. How he can make his wife's death cute and touching at the same time

8. His persistence (some may call it stalking)

9. How he wears a sports coat with no shirt underneath and makes it look natural and awesome

10. He makes "mind if I undress" sound like a smooth line

11. He can make anyplace romantic by saying, “it’s New York..nobody cares”

12. His musical abilities (He was Juilliard trained)

13. His showmanship

14. He can walk on his hands

15. Judging by his make-up choice while performing, he’s probably not afraid of clowns.

16. He has a habit of reminding people he dates that he's a congenial liar thereby setting up future lies

17. His gymnastic abilities

18. Makes hot dogs and beef sandwiches seem more romantic yet less creepy than they are as date foods

19. He takes things from woman to get them to talk to him

20. He makes stalking seem not so creepy

21. A date ending in the phrase “burning kisses” doesn’t deter him (what did I do?)

22. He can make "sometimes its nice to be quiet for a change", sound good

23. His colorful patches on his jeans (inability to let go of damaged things, which is a good quality if you know what I mean)

24. He wears a top hat when necessary (and looks good in it)

25. He saves lives

26. He uses his ex-wife's death to get closer to other women