1. What is the purpose of your web site?

2. You have been known to provide little life lessons beyond class content.  Has anyone ever taken good notes on those lessons?

3. Do you celebrate “no-shave November”, or “Mustache May”?

4. How do you take your coffee?

5. Is it possible to classically condition a human being to blush in response to a previously neutral stimulus, such as clapping hands or ringing a bell?

6. How is E Learning going?

7. What’s with the sarcasm?

8. Are you on Facebook and can I be your friend?

9. Who helped you construct this useful and interesting site?

10. Why was your dog, Jack, funny looking?

11. You seem to know a lot about weddings.  Have you ever considered being a professional wedding planner?

12. What is your life like outside of MCHS?

13. Your web page (www.MrMarino.com) says you have been at Minooka since 1997, yet you seem so young and hip.  What’s the deal with that?

14. You seem to blame things on your mother.  I’m sure she’s a very nice lady.  What gives?

15. By riding your bike to school, are you telling us you don't have a valid driver's license?