Low Grade?

Is your grade low?

Low grades in my classes are a result of one or more of the following four reasons:

1. Missing Test Scores

In psychology, for example, each test is 50 points, or 18% of the final grade.  Not taking one test lowers your grade 18%.  Make-up tests can be scheduled at any time of the day, including after school.

The longer you wait to make up an exam, the lower your score will be.  

2. Low Test Scores

Low test scores are usually a result of poor or improper test preparation.

Visit the section on my web page on “test taking”.

3. Missing Assignments

Assignments in my class are major components of the final grade.  Each assignment plays an important role in understanding the material covered in class, and impacts the grade earned in the class.

For example, not completing each 10 point assignment can lower your grade about 5%.  Two assignments not turned in will eliminate your possibility of scoring an A in the class.

Late assignments are accepted, within their unit of study, for reduced credit.  20% will be deducted for assignments outside the MCHS Make-up Work Policy (in the student handbook).  Starting at an 80% is better than 0.

4. Incomplete or improperly completed assignments.

I do not assign much homework.  Most assignments can be started and completed during class time.  Use your time wisely to complete the assignments and complete them properly.

If an assignment or the material it covers is not understood, ask a question.  Stop by Room 152, or email me.  If you are confused, I may grant you an extension to get the assignment done correctly.

Use your textbook for clarification of terms and concepts.

Ask for an extension to re-do an assignment.  Attempting to reach me before the due date indicates a desire to learn the material and will be taken into consideration.