The Lowville Elementary Science Fair requires students to do a project that reflects the Scientific Method or the Engineering Design Process

The Scientific Method Includes:

  • Question (focus of your inquiry/your wonder that you set out to answer)

• Identify a scientific (testable) question you would like to investigate.

• Ask a question that can be investigated and predict a reasonable outcome based on patterns such as cause and effect relationships.

• Ask a question about what would happen if a variable is changed.

  • Background Research
  • Hypothesis

• Propose a prediction based on your background research (this is your hypothesis)

Prepare an experiment or building design plan to test your hypothesis

  • Materials & Procedure
  • Investigation Trials (Results)
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion & Discussion
  • Bibliography of the research information
  • Presentation (display at the Fair)
scientific method.pdf
engineering design process.pdf