How Do I Start?

Deciding on a science fair project can be stressful. Science project ideas are all around you every day. Many of the things you wonder about can be turned into a science project.

You can experiment with living things. You can turn a toy into a science project. You can research a topic that interests you. You can test a scientific principle. If you still can't decide...

There are numerous websites full of project ideas. We've listed some that we think are useful below.

  • Science Bob This site presents a surprising science fact and an experiment to help you prove and understand it.
  • Lots of resources at this site, including the scientific method, project ideas and more!
  • Our Library's Books Here's a direct link to the list of books Mrs. Dykeman has in our library that you might be interested in!
  • PBS Kids- Zoom Sci
  • Discovery Education/Elmer's Science Fair Central
  • Kids' Science Projects
  • Yes Mag Project Easy to follow instructions for some science demonstrations that can be expanded into science experiments. This site has some good illustrations and information about buying kits.
  • science playwiths An interesting site that uses simple items to pose interesting questions and answer them. Click on the underlined link "set of small experiments"
  • Sports Science at Exploratorium What's the science behind baseball, the skateboard, and hockey.
  • Science explorer How can I make...directions on how to make science experiments and projects at home.
  • energy quest Detailed descriptions of science experiments that use different types of energy
  • Neuroscience for Children Experiments and activities concerning the function of the brain.
  • Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab This site gives directions for some experiments organized by difficulty.
  • Cyber-Fair This site answers the question "what makes a good project". It suggests how to create a question that will lead to a science fair experiment.
  • Thinking Fountain This great site is from the Science Museum of Minnesota. Select "A to Z" index of ideas and get activities and definitions for younger children.
  • Chem4Kid Use the Section Map to help you find answers in specific areas of chemistry.
  • All Science Fair Projects This is a searchable site for choosing a project. There are 100s of ideas to choose from.
  • TRSEF Website's Links TRSEF is the regional fair for our area. They have a variety of websites inked here to help you get started.