What Kind of Project Should I Do?

There are two types of Projects Permissible at the Science Fair:

Experiments or Engineering & Design Prototypes.

Building is Model or Display is NOT acceptable—

For example: A paper mache volcano that "erupts" a baking soda and vinegar solution is NOT an experiment. DON’T do This!

Do an Experiment or Develop a Solution to a Problem.

Follow the Steps of the Scientific Method or Engineering Design Process to test your idea. You will make a prediction, keep data, prepare charts, and make a conclusion--which is the way real scientists and engineers work.

If you are interested in the chemical reaction that occurs when baking soda and vinegar are combined, develop a question that investigates that reaction. IF you are interested in volcanoes, you need to investigate real volcanoes. There are volcanologist who might share information with you that you could use in your investigation or you could come up with a new idea, but don't build a model and erupt baking soda.

The handbook below will help you to plan and prepare for participating in the Science Fair.

student science fair handbook revised 2018.pdf