The 8th Annual

Elementary Science Fair

for Grades 3-5

was held in the Elementary Cafeteria on

February 10, 2018 from 9:00-11:30 am

Our Science Fair is your opportunity to find the answer to the question that interests you. Any topic of interest related to science, math, or technology is accepted. Begin with a question and then perform experiments to get your answer!

    • Are icicles really too dirty to eat?
    • Which kind of jelly stains mom's carpet the worst?
    • Does a prey's color really help its survival?
    • What makes the heart an incredible organ?
    • How does insulin help the body metabolize glucose?
    • What fertilizer works the best on houseplants?
    • What is the strongest brand of paper towel?

The 2018 Results: 19 students from grades 3, 4, and 5 participated in our Elementary Science Fair. The day was a HUGE success!

We truly appreciate the help of all our volunteer Judges. Thank you for making this year's fair a success!

A special 'thank you' also goes to our Elementary principal, Mrs. Goss and to the Science Fair Coordinator, Mrs. Rubenzahl for making the event run smoothly.

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Kid Scientist and Giant Magnifying Glass

Scientific Method

Students are required to do a project that follows the Scientific Method. Find out more about the steps in the Scientific Method.

Kids at Science Fair

Science Fair Rules

Find out what the rules are for our Science Fair.

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Internet Resources

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Science Notebook

Student Science Fair Handbook

Everything you need to know to complete your poster for the Science Fair.

Science Teacher


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