Athletic Training - Student Aide Program

2023-2024 Leander Athletic Training Student Aides

Current Student Aides 

Current student aides are enrolled in various athletic periods based on their year in the program.

Athletic Training Student Aides work under the direct supervision of the Staff Athletic Trainer for extra-curricular sport activities.  They are also enrolled in one of the above educational programs during the same time. Student aides are NOT staff members and cannot make clinical judgments, refer athletes, direct treatments or make return to play decisions. In the absence of a Staff Athletic Trainer the students are considered managers under the direction of the head coach of that prospective sport.  At no time will a student act independently in athletic training services.  

In the attachment below you will find the STUDENT AIDE HANDBOOK.  All students in the Leander High School Athletic Training - Student Aide Program must abide by this handbook.  For any questions concerning the Student Aide Program please direct your questions to either Coach Martinez or Miss Henderson at:

Prospective Student Aide

Prospective Athletic Training Student Aide