How do I make a check out the choir program?

All checks are made out to CRMS CHOIR. Checks MUST include a driver’s license number and phone number. We are not allowed to deposit your check without this information. In the memo line, please always include your child’s name, as many students have a different last name than one or more of their parents.

How is my child graded in choir?

Since choir is a performance-based class, their daily grade (which we call a weekly rehearsal grade) is based primarily on participation. Students will receive a grade each week. Students will begin each week with a grade of a 50, and will have the opportunity to earn the additional 50 points through having their correct choir materials (5 points per day), and participating correctly, and to the best of their ability (5 points per day). Frequent redirection, lack of participation, or failure to bring and care for choir materials (choir binder, pencil, music) will result in a deduction of points towards their weekly rehearsal grade.

How are concerts graded?

Concerts are considered major grades (they are our tests). Please see the grading rubric attached at the bottom of the page.

Are concerts mandatory?

Yes. All performances of the CRMS choirs are mandatory because they are part of the choir TEKS and the school curriculum. A choir calendar is issued at the beginning of the year, and available on the CRMS Choir website. The choir website will be updated weekly. Any changes or additions in calendar dates will be emailed to parents and placed on the choir website. Please contact the director immediately if there is a schedule conflict due to a previously scheduled event. All schedule conflicts will be handled on an individual basis, but it is a requirement and expectation that all choir members attend all applicable choir concerts.

● If a student is absent (full or partial day) on the day of a school-related event (i.e. choir performance or trip), the student will not be able to participate without a valid written excuse from a physician’s office. This is a district policy. Students unable to produce a valid physician’s office note will receive an unexcused absence.

● As stated on our concert grading rubric, concert grades will be lowered for certain behavior. These include, but are not limited to: inappropriate concert behavior such as talking, causing any kind of distraction during a performance, tardiness, improper uniform, etc. Student demonstration of proficiency in audience and performance etiquette are an expectation of this choir program.

How do you deal with items left in the choir room?

The choir program is not responsible for personal items left in the choir room. Any items left in the choir room for more than 24 hours will be taken to lost and found. If the item is deemed to be of significant monetary value (a phone, wallet, jewelry, etc.), then it will be taken to the front office.

What if my child needs a new choir shirt or has lost theirs?

Students are required to purchase a new shirt, as all extra shirts are property of the CRMS Choir inventory. Shirts are $10, and may not be “borrowed”. Please adhere to correct check-writing procedures. The choir program does not carry change for large bills.

What if my child needs alterations on their choir formal mid-year?

The choir program will only pay for alterations made at the start of the year. Parents are welcome to make any NON-PERMANENT alterations to adjust their child’s dress/pant length. If a dress is completely outgrown, it may be turned in to the choir program for a new dress. Any new shirt/pant needs must be purchased through AL’s Formalwear at Lakeline Mall. Please contact your child’s teacher of record before contacting Al’s.