• 7th/8th Spring Show, "Awesome 80's", is on Thursday, May 30th at VANDEGRIFT HIGH SCHOOL at 7:30 PM. Students must have an 80's-themed costume for this performance. We will feed and bus students after school to VHS. THIS IS A VENUE CHANGE DUE TO THE PROBABILITY OF A POWER OUTAGE AT CPHS THE EVENING OF OUR CONCERT.


6th grade students have the opportunity to make corrections on quizzes up to a grade of an 80 if the grade they received was lower than 80%. This process is entirely student driven. If your child received below an 80 on this first quiz, here are the steps they may take to raise their quiz grade:

1. Print off their quiz from google classroom, showing the answers that they submitted. Students who take their quiz in the learning lab receive paper copies, so they will be able to take their paper copy home.

2. Students will make corrections to ALL incorrectly answered questions.

3. Students will have their parents sign their quiz.

4. Students will turn their quiz corrections into their choir teacher.

They will have until the end of the grading period to complete this task. As it applies to the current grading period, students must have these corrections turned in by Monday, October 1st, for corrections to be applied to their grade.