LcTools is a Windows based set of applications for building, viewing, and analyzing lightcurves for the TESS, K2, and Kepler projects in addition to the K2SFF and K2-EVEREST High Level Science Products (HLSPs). See the LcTools Product Description for a complete description of the features provided.

In addition to the tool suite, there are four types of project-specific public data sources that can be used with the product. They include:
  • Lightcurve directories.
  • Star list files.
  • Stars observed in multiple periods.
  • TTV libraries.
See the Data Sources page for additional information.

The software and data are free for registered users. To register for the product, contact me at aschmitt@comcast.net. Once I receive your registration form, I'll send you the software installation instructions.

Thank you for visiting this website! I hope to hear from you soon.


Allan R. Schmitt
LcTools Author