Meine Auftraggeber sind die Hersteller der erklärungsbedürftigen Investitionsgüter, wie z.B. Maschinen und Anlagen der Metall- und Elektroindustrie.

In den letzten zwei Jahren beschäftigen wir uns auch mit dem Einkauf und mit der Einkaufsberatung im Auftrag unserer Russischen Partner.

Aktuelle Projekte:

  • SAVA REMONDIS GmbH - Aufbau des Vertriebes in Osteuropa / GUS: Entsorgung der PCB-Haltigen Öle / Trafos / Kondensatoren

Abgeschlossene Projekte:

  • Hamburg_LK Industriehandel - Vertrieb der Adhäsive

ITW Devcon
Тэк.С.А. - Технологии с Интеллектом  [812] 703-48-19  [812] 954-89-19
IPT International Power & Technology GmbH
  • ABP Induction Systems GmbH - Aufbau der Marke und der Vertriebsstruktur für induktive Erwärmungsanlagen in der Schmiedeindustrie in Osteuropa / GUS.

  • Presstec GmbH - Aufbau des Vertriebes der Neupressen-Massivumformung, Neupressen-Blechumformung.

  • Haas Automation Europe - Einführung des Haas Factory Outlets (HFO) Geschäftsmodell für Vertrieb und Service in 11 Ländern der Osteuropa von CNC - Fres- und Drehmaschinen.

Presstec GmbH - hochwertige Hydraulikpressen
Haas Automation Inc, CNC tools
  • NKE AUSTRIA - Aufbau der Marke und der Händlerstruktur in GUS-Ländern für den Hersteller von premium Wälzlager aus Steyr.

NKE Bearings
Polimersbut 2
Polimersbut 1

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Schuler Müller Weingarten

"I worked with Leonid first when he was with ABP Induction Systems. He had organized a terrific customer events on the sideline of a major trade show. We met again when he started his own business, full of new ideas, and I am sure that he can contribute to anyone's success by his customer-oriented approach, his personality and not least by his abilities, natural or acquired from his previous assignments."

Juergen Boden, Sales Engineer, Schuler Pressen GmbH

"Die Firma GFM hat im Jahr 2010 ein Schmiedeprojekt in St. Petersburg, Rußland bearbeitet. Bei dieser Aufgabenstellung wurde eine Induktionsanlage der Firma ABP Induction Systems GmbH angeboten. Bei den technisch/kommerziellen Verhandlungen vor Ort war der professionelle und persönliche Einsatz von Herrn Leonid Kuliush ein wichtiger Beitrag, um diesen Geschäftsfall zum erfolgreichen Abschluss zu bringen. Weiters ist zu bemerken, dass Herr Kuliush durch seine angenehme Umgangsform gute Verbindungen zum Kunden aufbauen konnte. Aufgrund dieser positiven Erfahrung werden wir versuchen, auch in der Zukunft bei Russlandprojekten mit Herrn Kuliush in Verbindung zu bleiben."

Franz Kimberger, Vice President, GFM Austria

"We work with Leonid organising different technical seminars on ABP induction heating systems and metal forming simulation with QForm3D software in Russia and Ukraine. He is very creative and skilled specialist and very reliable partner.”

Dr.Sc.Nikolay Biba, Director, Quantor Form

"Leonid was good partner when he was Business Manager of HAAS Automation Europe responsible for Eastern Europe countries. It was easier to cooperate with European company when you had support of the person who know Eastern Europe mentality and ways how business operates in these countries espessially in EX-USSR countries. He helped a lot to our team to promote HAAS brand which was never heard by Russian customers on the market before 2002 to #1 brand in volume of sales in 2006-2007." Rustam Alyautdinov, Director, Abamet Moscow

HAAS Factory Outlet, Division of ABAMET

“During our cooperation with Leonid he've revealed as the well-organized, goal-oriented and problem-solving person. His managerial skills its the true value. Good luck Leonid!” July 31, 2008 Vitaliy Khusnutdinov, sales manager, Abplanalp Ukraine

“Mr. Kuliush was born and raised in a country of CIS, educated to the highest western standards was working for more then two ears with HAAS Automation Europe, Belgium as a business administrator for countries of CIS (Ukraine) and Eastern Europe (such as Romania, Czech etc) well understands the nature and ways of business for this regions, made up a perfect bridge to Eastern Europe markets. During his work he supervised sales activiteis and practices, mastered a large geographical area in a short period, participated in sale negotiations, closed deals and won a number of "difficult" contracts personally. For this period sales volumes for these regions more then doubled. He understands the core of problem he faces and thus solves it quickly and to mutual satisfaction of all parties in his gentle manner. He is able to create events and make things happen.” July 29, 2008

Volodymyr Feshchenko, Project manager, Abplanalp Ukraine

“Leonid is an outstanding team player. I got acquainted with him when Leonid was at Haas Automation Europe. He organized "tours" to show Haas from inside. I saw him as a person at an edge of corporative challenges. Leonid was conducting a lot of business processes simultaneously, calling and e-mailing to heap of colleagues. I recommend Leonid Kuliush for a job which requires planning and managing skills.” July 24, 2008

Denys Plakhotnik, Doctoral student, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

“Working with Leonid is always a pleasure. Leonid always does a excellent job. He understands what he needs to accomplish and the importance of doing so. He makes himself always available when he is needed. He is always available to help, he is organized, accurate and thorough.” July 23, 2008

Irina Kats, Manager, Haas Automation Inc, USA

“Leonid always has plenty of effective marketing and business idea, because he know product thoroughly. He is creative. He is helpful, but exact. I understood rules of marketing thanks to Leonid.” July 20, 2008

Lysenko Nataliya, marketing manager, Abplanalp Ukraine

§ “Leo was a fine colleague, not only in a professional way but also as a person. He is very professional, extremely driven, hard working, he knows what he is doing and he is very convincing, good negotiator with excellent language skills, flexible and understanding but always keeping the mail goal/target in mind. I liked to work with him, and that says a lot about Leonid. I know he will make an excellent colleague to whoever is hiring him.” July 18, 2008

Geert Van Lierde, HFO Business Manager, Haas Automation Europe, Belgium

§ “A pleasant person and a perfect manager. The problems he was faced were solved with marvelous quickness! Thanks for the co-operation and good luck!” July 10, 2008

Andrey Danilyuk, Head of Sales Team, Senior Sales Officer, International Vendor Finance Coordinator, LLC Raiffeisen Leasing Aval

Haas Factory Outlet division of Abplanalt Ukraine