Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does my child need a physical to practice with the team?
A: All student-athletes must complete the Hawai'i State DOE Physical Examination Form for Athletes, which is valid for one calendar year. All Physical Examination Forms must be completed and in the possession of the Athletic Trainer in order to actively participate in any athletic activity, including practices, pre-season work-outs, and try-outs.

Q: Are there any other forms other than the physical required?
A: Yes, the other form is the Parental/Guardian Consent, Release, and Assumption of Risk Form which must also be in the possession of the Athletic Trainer before the student can participate in any athletic activity, including practice and try-outs. This form must be renewed for every sport participating in.  Both Physical and Consent forms can be downloaded from the Forms, Policies, & Helpful Links link.

Q: Are there any other eligibility requirements?
A: To participate in athletics, student-athletes must have (1) at least a 2.0 overall grade point average and (2) receive passing grades in courses required for graduation. Students in grades 9-12 or a student, who becomes nineteen on or after September 1 of any given year, are age-eligible for sports offered at the public high schools.  Upon entry to the ninth grade, students shall have only four consecutive years of participation eligibility, regardless of a break in school attendance.

Q: My son/daughter is interested in participating in athletics at the collegiate level. Is there any information regarding this process?
A: To get started on this process, please visit our Student-Athlete Academic Eligibility link. Also visit the NCAA Eligibility Center website online.

Q: My child is currently on Academic Review Status(ARS). How long is the review status period and can he/she participate at all?
A:  The Academic Review Status (ARS) period is for the duration of the quarter.  The student-athlete may participate in practices during this period, but eligibility for competition is determined by the ARS grade check.  Please see the Student-Athlete Academic Eligibility link for more info on dates and the ARS determination process.

Q: Is study hall mandatory for my son/daughter even if he/she passes a grade check?
A: Yes, although the student-athlete may pass the grade check, he/she is still on Academic Review Status and is required to attend all mandatory study hall sessions for the entire quarter.