Office Hours

Important Notes for Immunotherapy Patients:

Please have an antihistamine in your system at the time of your injection. 

If you have not taken your antihistamine, you may be asked to return for your injection at a later time.

Last injection in both AM and PM will be given 30 minutes prior to closing to allow for the required observation period. Please plan accordingly, and arrive at the clinic at least 45 minutes before closing so there is sufficient time to draw up and administer your injections.


Allergen immunotherapy patients at our North Aurora location should text our office line (630-504-2200) with your name and the name of the antihistamine you have pre-medicated with. We will then text you back once it is safe for you to enter the clinic for your shot. Only the shot patient and one accompanying adult will be allowed. Please wear a well-fitted face covering when you enter our facility. Our staff will be wearing appropriate PPE for mutual protection.

If you elect to wait in your vehicle rather than in the waiting room, you will be asked to sign a consent to wait in your car and set a timer on your phone for 30 minutes. Please note that during your 30 minutes waiting period, you and your vehicle must remain in our parking lot. Once your timer has gone off, please come back into clinic to have your arm checked. 

Please refrain from coming in for allergy shots if the patient or household contacts have been ill with fever, cough, or shortness of breath outside of your usual allergy/asthma symptoms.