RHS Driver Education

Tuesday, August 18, 2020 11:00 a.m.

ROAD DRIVING & ROAD TESTS resumed Saturday, May 16th!

Our staff of road teachers has begun the daunting task of gradually making up for 8 weeks of lost road driving time during this shutdown. We thank you for your patience up until now and ask for your continued understanding as we do our best to drive as often as we reasonably can, so we can help as many students as we can, in the shortest amount of time. In just two plus weeks we have already made a serious dent as our teachers have been driving double and triple the amount of time we do under regular circumstances.

Our policy has always been that we assign students by eligibility date and availability of teachers and that continues now. Students who passed the class, paid the fee, and completed ranges will be contacted by a road teacher when they have been assigned and the teacher has appointment openings.

8/18 Update: 2019-20 Students in good standing with eligibility dates through SEPTEMBER 7th have been assigned to road teachers. We are making up a lot of ground quickly! Thank you for your patience. We are beginning to assign Summer 2020 students this week.

The best thing your son or daughter can do while waiting is to focus on improving their practice driving by following guidelines in The Practice Booklet and by using Commentary Driving with a parent.

Below are specific guidelines given to us by the state of Utah. Please read them carefully.

• All driving by students is voluntary. If you do not want to drive for any reason, please let your teacher know and we will wait to hear from you in future if you change your mind.

• If students feel sick, they should notify their teacher in advance to cancel their appointment.

•Teachers and students must undergo a "symptom check" before entering the vehicle (verbal checklist & a temperature check via temporal, digital thermometer. We will not use in ear thermometers).

•Teachers will complete a symptom check form that will be kept on file at the school. This has to be done for every student on every drive. Students can print it off in advance and bring it to the drive. The teacher will also have copies in the car if you do not bring one. The form can be accessed by the link below:

• Use of hand sanitizer before entering the vehicle and after leaving the vehicle.

• Vehicles will have touch points and surfaces disinfected between drives.

• Driver touch points will be disinfected in between driver changeovers.

• Both students and instructors must wear face coverings. Bring your own. It may be cloth, medical grade, homemade, commercial, gaiter, bandana, etc. Please do not forget one. The teachers will not supply one for you.

• No food or drinks in the vehicle and students should not bring other personal belongings like backpacks.

• When not in the car 6 feet of physical distance should be maintained. This includes student waiting areas (outside of your personal vehicle).


We have received approval to resume range driving. This is a beginning of a return to normalcy and great news for RHS teens (& parents)! Our staff will begin on Monday, May 4th to complete the three required ranges (2 hours each) for all 2019-20 students. We will complete 100-125 sessions during the month of May by operating 5 sessions per day, 6 days a week. 3rd Qtr. students will begin first and 4th Qtr. students will start 7-14 days later. Within the next 48 hours 3rd Qtr. students will be contacted with the following information: instructions on how to get scheduled and the SLCO Health Dept. guidelines we will be following. 4th Qtr. students will receive these instructions via Canvas. Specific info on road driving is in the announcement below.

The Summer Class is full and no new students can be added at this time.

LEARNER PERMITS are REQUIRED to take Driver Ed. at Riverton H.S. Get one for 2020-21 now!

Parents: Please help your son or daughter get off the Procrastination Train and assist them in getting a learner permit. 15 years & 2-6 months of age is the ideal time to get this done!! This will allow them to finish all requirements before the 1 year permit expiration date. Getting it a permit right on or very soon after the 15th birthday often requires a renewal later.

Taking Dr. Ed. @ R.H.S.?

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Driver Education class info click here

Did you know that since 1/1/2016 all DL applicants must pass an additional online exam? This is NOT the written learner permit test. Click here for more information!

Range Reminders & No Show Policy

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Thank you for helping your son or daughter to be responsible and attend each of their driving appointments!

Taking Dr. Ed. online and wanting to do the driving phase through R.H.S.?

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Teaching a teen to drive may be frightening, but it's not as scary as what could happen if you don't monitor your teen's driving. These national statistics show that when parents stay involved, their teens are more likely to exhibit safe behaviors:

  • 2 X's more likely to wear seat belts

  • 70% less likely to drink and drive

  • Half as likely to speed

  • 30% less likely to talk on a cell phone while driving

"This presentation was a great springboard for open discussion with my kids about the importance of being responsible drivers. I will attend again and bring other family members!"

-Barb Loosli, Past RHS PTSA President