Students: Did you know you need a learner permit  to take Dr. Ed. at R.H.S.?
Parents: Please help your son or daughter get off the Procrastination Train and assist them in getting a learner permit. 15 years & 2-6 months of age is the ideal time to get this done!! This will allow them to finish all requirements before the 1 year permit expiration date.

3rd & 4th Qtr. Zero Fatalities Parent Night
MONDAY, MARCH 19th @ 7:00-8:15 a.m.
R.H.S. Auditorium


Students in good standing with ELIGIBILITY DATES through 12/20/17 have been assigned to road teachers (updated 11/16/17) . This does not necessarily mean that those students have been contacted or scheduled by their road teacher yet.

Taking Dr. Ed. @ R.H.S.?

Driver Education class info click here

Did you know that as of 1/1/2016 all DL applicants must pass an additional online exam? Click here for more information!

Range Reminders & No Show Policy
Thank you for helping your son or daughter to be responsible and attend each of their driving appointments!

Taking Dr. Ed. online and wanting to do the driving phase through R.H.S.?


Teaching a teen to drive may be frightening, but it's not as scary as what could happen if you don't monitor your teen's driving. These national statistics show that when parents stay involved, their teens are more likely to exhibit safe behaviors:
  • 2 X's more likely to wear seat belts
  • 70% less likely to drink and drive
  • Half as likely to speed
  • 30% less likely to talk on a cell phone while driving
"This presentation was a great springboard for open discussion with my kids about the importance of being responsible drivers. I will attend again and bring other family members!" 
             -Barb Loosli, Past RHS PTSA President