Work Experience

Due Dates: Are always the Tuesday before the quarter ends.

October 12, 2021 before 4 PM;

January 11, 2022 before 4 PM;

March 22, 2022 before 4 PM;

May 17, 2022 before 4 PM;

Have your counselor add WORK EXPERIENCE to your Skyward:

This way you are able to join the Canvas class and earn the credit.

How to Get Work Experience Credits:

1. Fill out the white “Application to Enroll in Work Experience”

It needs to be signed by your parents and will be added to your schedule. (Only in the beginning of the year).

2. Submit your copies of all check stubs from current quarter only with CANVAS.

They should show your name, SS #, taxes paid, and your hours you have worked.

If you have lost or are missing a check stub, and you cannot get them to replace it, or

you do not have them yet, a timesheet will be accepted but only if you have at least

two check stubs for that quarter.

You have to be paid under your name, SS#, and showing that you paid taxes in order

to earn the credit.

3. A Work Experience Evaluation is due every quarter. Submit on CANVAS.

Watch for the exact dates posted throughout the school.

The Evaluation needs to be filled out from your supervisor every time. Let them fill

that out one or two weeks ahead of time.

4. Information

All your hours will be counted together, even for multiple jobs, and divided by the

weeks of that quarter. (Mostly seven weeks).

A minimum of 70 hours per quarter is required for .25 credits and the maximum is

280 hours for 1 credit. You cannot get more than 1 credit.

No late Work Experience will be accepted. (No Exceptions).

Make sure you submit all documents with Canvas. If you are not sure, please come and see me before the due date.

For any question call me at 572-7035 ex 9-77143 or visit me in room A123 or email me at