Job Search

You will find Help-Wanted-Ads in the classified part. Help-wanted ads are placed in alphabetical order, usually by the name of the job.

Then you must decide if you can do a certain job. Do you have the skills that the job requires – such as working with certain machinery or using certain tools? You also should think about whether or not this is a job you would like to do and whether or not the job would pay enough money to meet your needs.

In addition to using newspaper ads, you can also get a job through employment agencies, job placement offices, and on the Internet. Employment agencies charge a fee for finding you a job, but job placement offices, which are city or state government offices, do not charge a fee.

Where to find Help-Wanted Ads

  • Classified ads ( Advertisements that are listed in local web sites like KSL in different groups; for example, ads for cars would be listed together, ads for pets in another section, job openings in another.)

  • Help-wanted ads (Advertisements for employment or job openings.

  • Internet

How do I find a job?

Finding a Job on the Internet

Newspapers and job placement offices are not the only choices to find a job.

The Internet offers a lot of Websites with job openings.

Most companies post job openings on their Websites. Like

click on jobs Utah. Or click on Jobs in Utah. - works like Facebook just for the work world. is a recruiting site. is also a good site.

In order not to get thousands of job openings, you need to be specific about what kind of job you want to have, what skills and education you have, and where you like to work.

Where Do You get help Finding a Job?

  • Employment agency (A company that is in business to help people find jobs for a fee.Up to 10 % of your first year pay)

  • Job placement office (A city or state office where a person can get help in finding a job for free! The closest one is 7200 South and State Street; or on-line)

  • Counselor (A person at an employment agency, or job placement office, or school who helps another person find a job; a person who gives advice to someone else.)

  • Apprenticeship program (A work-training program. This is perfect if you want to learn a trade, which is a job using a special skill. You will be trained on the job under the direction of a skilled worker.)

  • Internship (Period of work experience, usually to start of one's career)