Justin Schroeder

Justin Schroeder has been working in horticulture professionally for 7years, 6 of those years spent at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. With a focus on tropical plant species, he researches, creates, and maintains both old world and neo-tropical rainforest habitats at the zoo. He has a broad knowledge of IPM practices and has helped to implement “green gardening” techniques throughout his career.

With a strong understanding of animal behavior, he also works privately on breeding projects that help support conservation through organizations like Tree Walkers International. Justin has used his experience with animals and his strong background in botany to help educate people by giving talks and seminars through the Woodland Park Zoo and the University of Washington’s Center for Urban Horticulture.

Now, Justin is starting to focus on conservation work including local habitat restoration and the Oregon Silverspot Butterfly project, partnering with the Oregon Zoo and the Department of Fish and Wildlife. Through GICS, he will be working to create detailed plans to maintain habitats through restoration and the removal of invasive and non-native plants using environmentally conscience methods.