Edgar Fortune

Edgar has always had a passion for conservation and protection of our earths natural resources. He has spent a full career and life time in support of that passion and with the founding of GICS has decided to "up the ante" for the impact he can make and the legacy he may leave behind.

Born in New York City he now resides in Seattle WA with his wife and daughter where he has cared for animals of all species, shapes and sizes working for the Woodland Park Zoo as a Keeper since 1984.

Edgar's efforts with conservation began long before the founding of GICS. In the past he personally maintained breeding stock of some of the rarest snakes in the world sharing off spring with other zoos around the country as well as releasing stock back into the wild to help maintain populations on the verge of extinction. He was able to share his research and personal experience with the network of Zoo Keepers he built up over the years and improve the husbandry and survival rate for many species. And yet still he was never too busy to share his knowledge with young enthusiasts even providing mentoring from time to time. Working for the zoo he has had numerous opportunities to help support the efforts of others and it was only natural that he seek to create a foundation where he can more directly apply his experience and knowledge to further expand much needed conservation efforts.

With a long passion for the Caribbean it is only natural that Edgar has focused initial efforts on the small island ecosystems threatened in the Bahamas. The removal of invasive Australian Pine trees and the Bimini Island Boa conservation project being two of the main thrusts of GICS for 2008. Ultimately the goal is to establish strong sustained programs in these areas and expand the reach of GICS around the globe impacting delicate island ecosystems where they are threatened.


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