Welcome to the 2017 CSIR-IGIB AcSIR PhD Coursework website!

This coursework is meant for the newly enrolled PhD students of CSIR-IGIB. This complete coursework will meet the course/credit requirements of the AcSIR Biology PhD program.

  1. Please send an email to sheetal.gandotra@igib.in to join the 2018 coursework group if you are not already a member.
  2. The classes will begin on 16th August and will run till mid December, with a short break from 5th-10th November.
  3. The classes will be held in Workshop II @ CSIR-IGIB Mathura Road campus.
  4. The orientation on 13th August will be @ CSIR-IGIB Mathura Road campus in the Auditorium.
  5. The instructors of each course will recommend textbooks, papers etc for each course separately.

You can see the Course Timetable below:

Important contacts:

AcSIR-IGIB course coordinator: Dr Sheetal Gandotra (sheetal.gandotra@igib.in)

IGIB AcSIR coordinator: Dr Chetana Sachidanandan (chetana@igib.in)

Student Affairs Coordinator: Dr Sarala Balanchandran (s.balachandran@igib.res.in)

AcSIR executive consultant: Ms Priyanka Kapoor (priyanka.kapoor@igib.in)