Welcome to the 2016 CSIR-IGIB AcSIR PhD Coursework website!

This coursework is meant for the newly enrolled PhD students of CSIR-IGIB. This complete coursework will meet the course/credit requirements of the AcSIR Biology PhD program. 

  1. Please enter your specifics on this page
  2. The classes will begin on 5th August and will run till end of December, with a short break for Diwali. 
  3. The classes will be held in Workshop II @ CSIR-IGIB Mathura Road campus.
  4. The orientation on 1st August will be @ CSIR-IGIB Mathura Road campus in the Auditorium.
  5. The instructors of each course will recommend textbooks, papers etc for each course separately. 
  6. If you are taking the courses or you are teaching a course, please sign in to the group site.

You can see the Course Timetable  below:
Important contacts:
AcSIR-IGIB course coordinator:           Dr Sheetal Gandotra (sheetal.gandotra@igib.in)
IGIB AcSIR coordinator:                       Dr Chetana Sachidanandan (chetana@igib.in)
Student Affairs Coordinator:               Dr Girija Nair (girija@igib.res.in) 
AcSIR executive consultant:                Ms Priyanka Kapoor (priyanka.kapoor@igib.in)