New Housing Development

Update: There is now an independent website that contains all information that we currently have access to, regarding the several new housing developments proposed around Hanwell Fields. They are located at

Many readers will be aware of a proposed new housing development at the bottom of e Hanwell Fields estate. This will actually be in two parts. The first part will be placed between Dukes Meadow Drive and Southampton Road. The second part of the new development will be on the opposite side of Southam Road, leading up to the motorway. The total number of houses expected is around 1,000.

Diagrams of the proposals are available in the link below, and a document provided by the representatives for the developers is available here

Obviously this proposal raises many questions, and we'll be looking into those in the coming weeks. We are also proposing to have a community meeting to discuss the potential impact, and what actions we can take.

In the meantime, please go and join the Facebook group to see what others think, and to add your own opinion.

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