Adoption and facilities

Some recent feedback about the wetland and sports area at the bottom of Hanwell Fields, from the council (thanks to Linda Gilliland for the information)

Re the Wetland Area: We are undertaking an ecological survey of the area (if as I believe you are talking about the wetland area at the side of the sports ground?) and shall be putting up an interpretation board on completion of this. With regard to the area being used for educational purposes this is one of our aims on the site now that it has come across to us.

Re the Sports Ground: Now that the area has come under our control the pavilion and field is open for hire and to do this for any purpose you will need to contact Samantha Hartwell in our office who deals with this aspect.

Re Grasslands: I (council) am looking to set up a volunteer group to work on the area and undertake various tasks alongside our Park Rangers if you are interested please let me know? I have mentioned this to Rebecca Quinn who contacted me about the orchard idea.