How You Can Help

Speeding Surveys

The recent survey work carried out by your local Neighbourhood Action Group has highlighted local concerns about vehicles speeding along Dukes Meadow Drive and Winter Gardens Way. We are looking to recruit a team of 6 volunteers from local residents to help support the work of your local neighbourhood policing team in running a “Community Speedwatch” programme in these locations.

Volunteers work alongside TVP officers or Police Community Support Officers to identify vehicles which break the local speed limit using a speed indicator device. Registrations are entered onto a database which produces a letter informing the registered owner that they have been spotted exceeding the limit and asking them to be more careful. Repeat offenders who are identified may be subject to more scrutiny from our colleagues in the Roads Policing department. If you are interested in supporting the Neighbourhood Policing Team, or have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact via email or via 08458 505505.

Ruscote, Hardwick, Neithrop and Hanwell Fields Neighbourhood Team