Reception is split up into 2 classes. Miss Jones and Mrs Richards (job share) and Miss Minney's. Miss Minney will be covered by Mr Williams whilst she goes on maternity leave. Each class is mixed ability and each class will be completing the same work throughout the year. The LSA's are Mrs Davies, Miss Smith, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Morgan and Miss Barry. Mrs House is in LRB1 with Mrs Hulbert / Miss L Jones.

Our topic Autumn term is 'Magical Me.During LLC, Reception pupils will be looking at 'What Makes Me Me, 'Funny Bones', 'Hovis Hedgehog', 'Traditional Tales'. Children will be practicing retelling the story using Pie Corbett actions and story maps, oral retell, sequence pictures and writing simple sentences to recount parts.

In Maths we will be reading and writing numbers to at least 10, addition (1+1) and 1-1 correspondence, 1 less (from different tarting points) and temperature.

We are hoping to visit a Water Mill in Talgarth during the term.

NB - LRB1 pupils will bring their own fruit each day.

Web sites we use are:

Here are some pictures of the activities we completed in the Autumn Term

Reception KJ/CR and Reception CM