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Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements

Monday, September 18, 2017

Day 7

Cafeteria Menu $5.00 - Includes White Milk or $6.25 with Chocolate Milk

Baked Chicken Burger and Pasta Salad
Tuesday Meatballs with Rice
Wednesday Ciabatta Bun with Soup
TLT Wrap
Friday Meat Chili

Soft serve is available in the cafeteria

This week at PVEC

September 18

September 19


September 21

September 22



Your safety and security is important to us.  For this reason, PVEC school property is equipped with surveillance cameras. Students, staff and families may be monitored while on the premises with surveillance video that is a direct feed to the police.        

Students are reminded that they must sign in and out when they are late or leaving early and missing class.  You must also have parent approval in the form of their signature on the form, a phone call or a note.  Forms are available in the Main Office.                 


All Grade 10 Students from Bluenose Academy. Mrs. Gallacher will be at PVEC at lunch time on Tuesday, September 19th to deliver the 2017 Yearbooks. Please see her in the upstairs Learning Common to pick up your yearbook.


JV girls soccer tryouts will continue on Wedsnesday after school from 3:30-5:30 this week.


Those students traveling to Italy and Greece are reminded to bring your passport into the office for copying on Mondays. J


There will be a bus trip to Neptune Theatre on September 27th, open to all students who are interested. The cost is $35 and you must be able to arrive at PVEC by 8:45. The first 40 students who bring the money AND the permission form to the office will go. Permission forms are available in the main office. The first show of the season is called "Seeds". Please see Ms. Kelly in Student Services for more information.



The first PVEC dance will be held on Thursday, October 5th. Any guests must be signed in no later than Wednesday at 3:30. There is a sign up sheet in the office.


Attention Grads!! The sign up sheets are in the office now! Graduation pictures will be taken on Tuesday, September 26, Wednesday, September 27, or Thursday, September 28. If you want your grad picture in the yearbook and on the composite, your picture MUST be taken during these 3 days. Please remember your date and time as we don’t call students down for these.


Any grads wishing to order a grad ring, there will be a representative from Josten’s in the upstairs Learning Common to answer questions/place orders from September 26-27.


If you haven’t paid your student fees, we recommend paying via payPal (information is available on the Park View website) or take payments to Student Services.



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