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Organizational contest is Friday, 2/23. Parent volunteer spots are ALMOST filled - thank you so much to everyone who has signed up. One spot is left in the contest office which is a nice, quiet, job where you just help in one room. Most remaining jobs are as Hall Monitors. I realize this is not appealing, but it is highly valued. Kids are generally well behaved. Simply having parents walking around and being visible is enough to deter goofy behavior. In hosting this now for seven years we have never had an incident where a hall monitor had to deal with a serious situation. If you like to get your steps in for the day, this is a great way.

Students have also signed up to help with running this event. See the sheet at the very bottom of this page for a list of student volunteers.

Upcoming events:
February 23, 2018 – Friday – ORGANIZATIONAL CONTEST, times TBA here at GHMS – All 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Band and Chorus students - see both of the sheets below for more information:

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Organizational Student Help Assignments