Welcome to INTViewer for Plugin Developers

Welcome to the INTViewer Java Plugin Development Site. This site provides information to all developers on how to extend INTViewer using the INTViewer API and the NetBeans platform. Use support@int.com for questions.

A Python API can be used to execute scripts. This Python API is documented in a separate site, accessible from the following address: https://sites.google.com/a/geotoolkit.net/intviewerpython/

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Getting Started

Architecture - Introduction to INTViewer's modular architecture

Pre-Requirements - Java, NetBeans and license requirements before creating your first module.

INTViewer Tutorial - A step-by-step tutorial to get started with NetBeans and INTViewer programming and create your first module.

INTViewer Basics - Basic concepts and objects used as part of INTViewer development.


Using NetBeans/Swing Components - Steps to add windows, menus, toolbar icons and panels to INTViewer.

Using INTViewer Components - Steps to create layer contextual menus, run long tasks, add a preferences dialog, a trace processor, a workflow or a histogram to INTViewer.

Distributing a custom plugin - Steps to create a distribution of your custom plugin that can be added to INTViewer.

Creating a custom INTViewer application - Steps to create your own INTViewer installer.

References and APIs

INTViewer Platform and Modules - Lists all modules and their use in the INTViewer platform.

INTViewer APIs for Data - Working with the data objects including seismic, horizon, crossplot, triangle mesh, gis, polyline and well.

INTViewer APIs for Windows - Working with windows and the coordinate system.

INTViewer APIs for 2D Layers - Working with 2D layers, including handling layer events and actions.

INTViewer APIs for 3D Objects - Working with 3D objects.

INTViewer API for Events - Using the event mechanism to broadcast and receive change notifications.

INTViewer APIs for Selections - Using the selection mechanism to make your actions context sensitive.

INTViewer APIs for Dialogs and Editors - Working with dialogs and editors to display short messages or implement your own forms.

INTViewer APIs for the INTViewer Desktop - Working with the INTViewer desktop to execute actions on startup and manipulate the undo/redo stack.

INTViewer APIs for Persistence - Working with user preferences and session files.

Other Useful INTViewer APIs - Working with trace processors, seismic generators, workflows, data loaders, mime types, long tasks, units and reflection.

Technical Discussions

Developing for the Seismic Workbench - How to develop trace processors and seismic generators for use in the seismic workbench plugin.

Matlab API - How to interact programmatically with Matlab, send and receive data