Current News

Students are required to monitor current events in Russia and the former Soviet Union every other week. The class has been split into two groups. Your group number has been marked on the front of your syllabus. On the dates marked in your syllabus, you are required to hand in your summary of the weekly news. You paper should be between 1 page long. 10 points per article, 20 points per assignment.

For each news update, you need to provide a summary of 2 news stories from the previous week. Please follow the format below:

1) Title of article

2) Author, if indicated. Write 'no author' if there is none

3) Date

4) Newspaper this appeared in

5) A summary of the article 


TASS - Official Russian news agency

St. Petersburg Times - sister paper of the Moscow Times

Moscow Times - independent daily from Moscow

Gazeta Online - Kazakhstan


Former Soviet Bloc Newspapers

Kyiv Post - Ukrainian Independent Newspaper

The Diplomat Bucharest - Romanian News

Warsaw Voice - Poland

LatviansOnline - Latvia

Budapest Sun - Hungary

Prague Post - Czech Republic

Slovak Spectator - Slovakia