Unquiet Ghost Paper

DUE: March 11 in class
One of the most difficult aspects of the Stalinist years to understand is the purges and gulag system. How does a nation turn on itself to assist in the murder of millions and the arrest of millions more? The fact that this horrible event grew out of the hope and expectation created with the Russian Revolution only underlines the tragedy. For this paper you should read The Unquiet Ghost and write a 5-6 page paper answering the assigned questions. You may answer questions 1 and 3, 2 and 3 or 1, 2 and 3, but #3 must be included in your paper. This paper should be typed, double spaced, and include correct referencing. As with any formal paper, correct organization, grammar and syntax is required.

Reference in text as follows: (author, pp.)

Total points:100

1. One of the issues of the Gulag system and the Purges is that unlike Germany after the Holocaust, people were not allowed to discuss what had happened for over another 30 years. The silence remained. How do these events of 50-60 years ago continue to impact the Russian people? What is the continued presence of the 'Unquiet Ghost'?

2. The author discusses that the gulag and Stalinist Russia are fascinating to him because it allows him to explore issues of denial and seeing. What does he mean by this? How did it effect the USSR and its people.

3. While the Gulag system as an event will not occur in the US, the author believes that there are significant implications that issue warning to all nations and civilizations. What does he say are the lessons from the Gulag?  Do you agree with this viewpoint?

Students are welcome to propose other questions, but these must be approved by the professor.