Midterm Exam

For this exam, answer one essay below.  You must show an understanding of the material presented in class as well as your textbook and documents by directly citing information. The paper should be approximately 5 pages in length and must be typed, double-spaced. Your answer should include correct grammar, syntax, organization and referencing.

DUE: 24 February  

Please reference material as follows:

Textbook (Thompson, pp. # )
Documents from Foxtale (Author, short title, paragraph #) 
Documents handed out (author, short title)
Communist Manifesto (Marx, pp.#)
Films (movie: subject) (movie: Last Tsar) (Movie: October Revolution)

The exam is due in class. Late work will be penalized 5 points per day, except in cases of extended illness or a family emergency.

1) One of the overarching issues from Peter the Great to Lenin was reforming Russia so that it was successful domestically and internationally. Discuss the main issues focused on during this period of transformation. Where were the successes and failures? What is it about Russia that made it so difficult to change?

2) Examine the problems facing Russia just before it entered the Revolution. How realistic is it to assume that the Tsar could have prevented the uprising in 1917? How well did the Bolsheviks deal with these issues in the period between 1917-24?

3) Americans would often say that the fall of the USSR in the 1980/90's shows that Marxism/Communism has failed. However, as we have been discussing, Marxism does not fully equate to the policies enacted under Lenin. Analyze just how Marxist was the Russian Revolution? Are the problems and stresses of the system to the end of 1924 due to the Marxist elements or those added or distorted by the Bolsheviks?

Students are welcome to propose an essay topic of their own, but it must be approved by the professor.