Holocaust Paper

 DUE: April 12
For this paper write a 6-8 page essay.  Your paper must be typed, double spaced and include correct grammar, syntax and referencing.   Late work will be penalized 10% per day, except in cases of extended illness or emergency.

Please reference as follows:
text, books, documents handed out (author, p#)
films (title)

Answer any combination of questions below:

1.  One of the questions explored by many who study the Holocaust is how people became perpetrators, bystanders or rescuers.  Using the information you have gained from your reading, discuss the issues that helped people to respond in these different ways.

2.  What are some of the issues involved in the historiography of the Holocaust?

3.  What were the complications for the rescuers when involved in long-term rescue?

4.  Why did so many people ignore or participate in the Holocaust?

5.  Do you think there are lessons that can be learned from studying the Holocaust?  Do you think there is too much focus on this event in American education?


For this paper, I want you to pretend that you are a high school teacher (11th/12th grade) or a university professor who will need to teach a unit on the Holocaust.  I want you to discuss the types of material you would use, the viewpoints you would present (rescuer, victim, bystander (national or international) and/or perpetrator) and whether you would include any discussion on historiography.  You also need to include:

a) Justifications of the topics/viewpoints you have decided to include.  What specifically are you hoping the students gain by studying each type of material or topic/viewpoint?

b) Include specific discussion questions or assignments and the learning objectives for these.

c) What lessons you think can/should be gained by studying the Holocaust?  Are you planning on teaching this unit again or can these lessons be taught more easily and influentially with other historical events?  (you must justify your position in either case)