Final Exam

DUE: 10am April 23, 2012
Answer one of the questions below.  Your answer should be approximately five pagegs, and include information from the textbook, documents, lecture and films where appropriate.  Applicable newspaper articles may also be used.  Please use in text citations or footnotes.
All late work will be penalized 10% per day, except in cases of family emergency or illness.
1. How has the period from the 1970's to the present been one f transition for Europe?  How well are the Europoean nations dealing with these changes?
2.  Discuss what you see as the most important successes and failures in the attempt to remake European society after WWII.
3.  Discuss the successes and failures in the Eastern Bloc states after WWII to the fall of communism in the late 80's
4.  Analyze the factors for and against European Union since 1950 including the role of nationalism in these issues.
5.  Analyze why the 1960's through the early 1980's were years of upheaval and change in Europe
6.  Discuss the similarities and differences in the developments of the western European nations since WWII.