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Top 10 Reasons To Attend

Top 10 Reasons To Attend

  1. Über Fun - Geek out with the amazing network of WELSTech-ers in the family-friendly setting of Country Springs Hotel (& Waterpark). You'll also have the opportunity to enjoy breakfast and a tour of synod headquarters, the Center for Mission and Ministry!
  2. Giveaways - What conference worth it’s salt doesn’t offer cool giveaways? This summer’s WELSTech Conference 2015 is no different! You could  Check out the Giveaways page for more details.
  3. Mobile App - Unique to WELSTech Conference is the conference mobile-app where attendees can find the schedule, check out vendors and speakers, connect with other attendees and more.
  4. Keynotes - During large group sessions on Thursday evening and Friday and Saturday mornings keynoters will share their knowledge and vision as well as observations of how technology affects who we are as Christians and gospel sharers.  
    • Steve Boettcher will speak Thursday evening on "Media: Friend or Foe?" - WELSTech 384
    • Dave Tess leads off Friday morning with "Technology. Relationships, Faith" - WELSTech 378    
  5. IGNITE WELSTech Conference 2015 attendees are invited to share their knowledge on the evening of July 10th in our IGNITE session. Simply prepare 20 slides on your topic. You’ll get 20 seconds per slide to share your topic. In a quick 400 seconds, everyone in attendance will benefit from your experience!
    Topics can be almost anything including Smartboard tips, favorite websites, productivity ideas, social media approaches, volunteer coordination, cool tech or gadgets that have helped in your ministry. You get the idea. What you may also get is a Windows TW700 Tablet. All the Ignite presenters will be entered to win!

  6. Pre-Conference Workshops - Attendees may register for optional pre-conference hands-on workshops. These half-day sessions cover Logos, Google Apps, WordPress, Productivity, SMARTBoards and FinalWeb. Cost is $29 per session.

    In most cases, conference registration is required to sign up, but we're excited to announce that the Logos session will also being offered as a stand-alone session – meaning you can sign up for it without a full conference registration. The price for just this session will be $49. Students at Martin Luther College, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Wisconsin Lutheran College or Bethany Lutheran College/Seminary may register for the stand-alone session for just $29.  If interested, please visit the special registration page for the stand-alone session.
  7. WELSTech Podcast's 400th Episode - Join Martin Spriggs and Sallie Draper for a live-streamed celebration of the 400th episode of WELSTech! Started in January 2008, WELSTech exists to explore the use of technology to further the spread of the gospel. Video and audio episodes are released weekly.
  8. Sponsors - Connect with all types of ministry support organizations including our featured sponsors ...
  9. Speakers - We've gathered over 50 speakers from across WELS ministries and beyond. Get to know them on our presenter bios page and via these WELSTech interviews:
    • Pastor Emile Burgess will be speaking on two topics, "Polished Email Campaigns Using MailChimp" and "Productive Workflow Using Evernote" - WELSTech 393
    • Rachel Feld is another double presenter. Her topics include "Using Tech in ChristLight" and "Google Apps for WELSSA" - WELSTech 390
    • Julia Wagenknecht will put down her ironing to present on "Online Project Management for Ministry" - WELSTech 380
    • Matt Weseloh is traveling from deep in the heart of Texas to share "Worship Planning in a Mobile World" - WELSTech 389
    • Pastor James Wilcox shares tips for "Smart Computer Security for Church, School and Life" - WELSTech 385
  10. Tracks  - There's something for everyone interested in using tech-in-ministry at WELSTech Conference. Select from 100 breakout session options covering Church, Communication, Office & Productivity OutreachSchool, System Administration, Tools and Web topics!

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