Two keynote addresses will be delivered during the conference which focus on finding the intersections of technology and ministry. The presenters will share their knowledge and vision as well as observations of how technology affects who we are as Christians and gospel sharers.

Technology, Relationships, Faith
Phones, Facebook, Twitter, the Internet . . . All of these technological tools provide tremendous benefits in our lives. However, they are also changing us as human beings. They affect our brains. They affect our relationships. They may even affect our faith and ministry. This session will focus on perspectives from authors, scientists, researchers, and one educator related to technology’s role in, and effect on, our lives.

Speaker: David Tess
David Tess serves at Wisconsin Lutheran College as the Director of Digital Education. Before beginning at WLC in 2012, he taught for seven years at St. Lucas in Milwaukee, WI. He also currently teaches numerous technology education courses, during which he assists educators in proper use of tech tools in the classroom. He is married, is the father of three young boys, and he’s fascinated by how technology is shaping the world in which his sons live.


Media: Friend or Foe?
Some say the media "owns" us, our kids, our world. Think so? Let's talk. Has our "media enriched world" drawn us closer to God, to one another? Or are we more disconnected than ever? Is our social experience richer and deeper, or more shallow and artificial? How do we as Christians and churches face these unique media challenges and honor God by using them to His glory? Is it possible that in the gospel sharers hands media can be a powerful tool for ministry? Those are the kinds of questions we will ask and answer in this unique interview format. There will be plenty of cool audience participation in this one. "Stay tuned!"

Speaker: Steve Boettcher
Steve Boettcher is a five-time Emmy winning television and media producer. His work has appeared on national PBS, ESPN, Discovery Channel, BBC and other media outlets. He has served as the producer of WELS Connection for the past 27 years and Kids Connection for 20 years. He is currently producing the third film in a series that includes Road to Emmaus and Come Follow Me. For a complete list of Steve's work in media visit his IMDB page.


Just Where Are Those Intersections Again?
Technology moves so fast! One day it was MySpace, the next day Facebook. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. How can people interested in using technology to share the Gospel ever hope to find just the right intersections of technology and ministry? There doesn't seem to be enough time. We don't seem to have enough energy. Together we will examine technology "stewardship" and explore ways to be faithful to our callings and still find the appropriate digital tools that will make a difference.

Speaker: Martin Spriggs
Martin Spriggs serves as the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod's Chief Technology Officer. He began his career in the public ministry and then as a director of two internet services consulting firms that helped large corporations figure out how to use the internet effectively. He now serves the synod by overseeing it's technical direction and leading workshops and classes around social networks, productivity, digital outreach, and other topics related to technology and ministry. Martin also co hosts the popular technology and ministry podcast called WELSTech. He is married and father to three children, and now grandfather to one.