What is a Unit of Inquiry?

A unit of inquiry isĀ a 6-8 week in-depth exploration of a concept. Students will inquire into a central idea or a main understanding by being guided by lines of inquiry and teacher questions.

  • Some examples of Units of Inquiry: "Economic decisions in one place have an impact on another.", "People celebrate in a variety of ways.", "Cycles and patterns influence life."
  • Parts of a unit of inquiry include: Central Idea, Summative Assessment, Lines of Inquiry, Teacher Questions and Provocations, Formative Assessments (Pre and Post), Learning Experiences, Resources, Student inquiries and actions, and extensive Reflections on the teaching and learning
  • Students in grades K-6 in the Primary Years Programme will have encountered 42 units of inquiry by the time they graduate to 7th grade, in addition to stand alone math units and special area units.