"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away." -Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick, Germs-manager Nicole Panter, author KW Jeter, and artist Gary Panter, at Philip K. Dick’s Santa Ana condo. Photo creditied to Nicole Panter’s Flickr account.

"Since no one else in Fullerton talks to me, that leaves only those whom I write to. You are one of those."

"...there is no culture here in California, only trash. And we who grew up here and live here and write here have nothing else to include as elements in our work. … The West Coast has no tradition, no dignity, no ethics – this is where that monster Richard Nixon grew up. … [O]ne must work with the trash, pit it against itself."

Why Philip K. Dick Matters

“Anyhow, if I could make by degrees my way down to Fullerton,” Dick wrote to Willis McNelly, “do you think it’s the sort of place I might like to live, at least for a while?”

“You must realize of course,” McNelly wrote back, “that Fullerton is in the heart of darkest Orange County… Upper middle-class suburbia… OC is also the place where Nixon’s representative in Congress is a card-carrying member of the Birch Society."

PKD at Metz Science Fiction Convention

"I think he liked the anonymity," [Tim] Powers says. "Nobody in Santa Ana knew who Philip K. Dick was. He was just this guy going to Trader Joe's [to buy] lunch."