The School for Creative Studies AIG Program

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What is AIG?

Durham Public Schools has established a strong academic program designed to serve Academically and Intellectually Gifted students. These students typically demonstrate high achievement in content areas and perform well above their peers.  One of the main goals of the District’s AIG plan is to provide AIG students with a rigorous and challenging curriculum.

Creative Studies' AIG program is aligned with and supports the DPS AIG Plan.  The AIG curriculum attempts to link the high curiosity and aptitude of gifted students with advanced coursework that moves at an accelerated pace. This curriculum fosters independent thinking and learning within a challenging classroom environment.

 How will the curriculum look for AIG students?

Courses are taught by staff members who have received certification, are in the certification process, or have had professional development on teaching AIG students. Teachers who do not fall in either of these categories work closely with the Instructional Facilitator or AIG Facilitator and/or teacher in the same subject area who is AIG certified to plan relevant instruction.


Who are the AIG teachers and the AIG Specialist at The School for Creative Studies and how do you contact them?

AIG Specialist: Michelle Tuck Thomas 919-560-3535 ext 14101

AIG Teacher: Any teacher who provides instruction for students and have endured rigorous professional development, have already earned certification, and/or is enrolled in an AIG licensure program.


SCS AIG Committee

  • Ms. Renee Price, Principal 
  • Ms. Michelle Tuck Thomas, AIG Specialist
  • Ms. Kia Barfield, MS Math 
  • Ms. Ashley Gray Taylor, MS ELA
  • Mrs. Shara Settle, High SchoolCounselor
  • Mrs. Susanne Meza-Keuthen, Middle School Counselor
  • Ms. Veronica Black. HS EC Teacher
  • Ms. Michale Lindon, COPE Program Manager
  • Teacher who will be providing instruction to an identified student or grade level subject area teacher knowledgeable about serving AIG students
  • Parent

AIG Facilitator’s Responsibilities

  • Requires licensure – oversees the implementation of the district AIG Plan in the school and meets with school leadership.
  • Coordinates screening and identification activities in school in collaboration with Testing Coordinator and EC Facilitator when appropriate.
  • Maintains accurate and appropriate records related to gifted education procedures which include AIG files and documentation for AIG plan.
  • Coordinates the development of differentiated curriculum for gifted students with other AIG Facilitators and teachers at their school.
  • Serves gifted and advanced learners through support of general education teachers.
  • Collaborates with teachers, counselors, and administrators about the needs of gifted students through planning and professional learning.
  • Facilitates the school's AIG Committee which meets monthly.
  • Creates and implements a plan for regular communication with parents and families of AIG students.
  • Coordinates professional learning and/or training for advisors of enrichment activities such as, but not limited to, MathCounts, Science Olympiad, Speech and Debate, National Junior Honor Society, and Odyssey of the Mind.

How will we increase communication methods regarding services, opportunities, and transitions?

Creative Studies will begin yearly with the Differentiated Education Plan. Throughout the year we will have parent nights and events that may be collaborative efforts between other departments. There is a link on the school webpage under the parent resources tab titled "Academically and Intellectually Gifted Students" that will be updated to keep parents informed. Parents are encouraged to go to the link to view information about clubs, upcoming events, etc. Parents may also sign up to be added to the Listserve to receive emails.

It is important that you contact a member of the AIG Committee if you have questions, concerns, or ideas. Teachers and parents are a team here to support the student, which means we need to communicate with each other.

How will we promote partnerships at our school?

We want to encourage two-way communication between school and home. We need parental support with enrichment activities outside the regular school day. We want our families to volunteer at the district school level as well. We strongly encourage parents to fill out the yearly AIG survey so that we can celebrate and improve our AIG program at The School for Creative Studies. If you have a special skill or interest that supports instruction, share it with the AIG committee so that we can schedule you to present to our students. You may also be asked to volunteer to serve on the AIG Partnership Committee.

How can you help with the district and school program accountability?

Parents can have a voice in improving our AIG program by participating in surveys, focus groups, and Kitchen Table Conversations. The Advanced Academic website will post when these events are planned and our school will send out information by way of the students, Ms.Price's weekly message, as well as the AIG website. You can always contact the AIG Facilitator at our school.