For students who are taking ACC (dual / concurrent enrollment): your credits will show on your high school transcript; however, in order to receive college credit, you will need to send your transcript from Arapahoe Community College in addition to your high school transcript:

  • Initial transcripts

      • Initial transcripts include grades through Junior year and are generally sent September through January

      • Students should complete a transcript request for each application submitted unless otherwise specified

  • Midyear transcripts

      • Midyear transcripts include grades through first semester of Senior year and are usually available to send during the last week of January

      • Any requests from colleges for midyear transcripts should be communicated with Post Grad, as they are not automatically sent

  • Final transcripts

      • Final transcripts include all grades received throughout high school and a diploma date

      • HRHS will automatically send one final transcript for students who successfully complete the graduation survey

Former HRHS Students

Per District Policy, our school does not process requests for Alumni / Former students