College & Career Speakers

Many college and university representatives visit St. Charles North throughout the school year.  This is a great opportunity for students to meet these admissions reps and learn more about individual schools.   Visits will be both in-person and virtual.

Additionally, we will periodically have individuals from various career fields come to St. Charles North to speak with students about their experiences.  Typically they highlight the path they took, the education/training required in their field, and the opportunities available to students.  These are great opportunities for students to expand on their career exploration.

Both college representative and career speaker visits will take place in the LRC.  For virtual visits a space will be reserved in the LRC for students to attend away from distractions.  They should be sure to bring their Chromebook and headphones.

Please see the calendar below for more specific information on format, date, time, and location of individual visits.  Students can also access this information through their Naviance account.  Students must sign up for visits on Naviance.   This is how the representatives know a student is interested.

Students are required to get a pass in the CCR Office as least one day prior to both virtual and in-person visits.  This pass then must be signed by the student's classroom teacher.  Passes will not be issued on the day of the visit.

 We understand students may have class during the scheduled time of the visit.  If that is the case, students should communicate with their teacher regarding the opportunity they are hoping to take advantage of.  While we encourage students to attend these meetings, please note that what is happening in the classroom is more important, and teachers may deny the request to miss class if they feel it is in the student's best interest to be in attendance.  

If a student is unable to attend a meeting they should reach out to the representative for that particular school.  They will be able to direct students to alternate methods of meeting and getting questions answered.  Students can also talk to Mrs. Roberts in the CCR Office, or their counselor to connect with a particular school or learn more about a particular field.

Please check this list frequently.  Schools and Career Speakers are regularly being added to the list.