Virtual CDW 2021 Happening NOW!

Virtual events running from July 6th through July 22nd

July 6  - Gathering and Dance with Seth Tepfer - 7:30 pm EST

July 7-21st  -  Cumberland Reunion and Scavenger Hunt

July 10th - Campfire Songs and Ukuleles with Meg Dedolph 
 - 11 am EST 

July 12th  - Waltz workshop with Gaye Fifer 
- 7:30 pm EST

July 15th - Stuntology Hour with Sam Bartlett - 7:30 pm EST 

July 20th  - Indiana Tunes with Deb Shebish 
- 7:30 pm EST

July 20th - Games with Seth Tepfer  - 7:30 pm EST

July 22nd  - Virtual Gathering - 7:30 pm EST

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Covid-19 update : Because herd immunity is not projected until late 2021, 
our summer CDW programming will not be a live event.

Cumberland Dance Week 

is the all-inclusive folk dance and music camp of the South. We are known for our hot music, exuberant dancing, and top-notch classes. You won't need a babysitter – we offer a quality educational program for all ages! One of the most affordable summer dance camps around!

Located at
NaCoMe Camp & Conference Center
Pleasantville, Tennessee

Our Mission Statement:
"Dedicated to sharing folk music and dance traditions across generations"