About Cumberland Dance Week


CDW offers a diverse and exciting set of programs for adults. We welcome people with all skill levels, and offer classes that allow everyone to learn something new. Whether you're looking for high-energy dance, relaxation, or the chance to play music with some of the best, you'll find it at Cumberland Dance Week.

The camp typically features adults classes in contras, squares, English country dance, ritual dance, international, partner dances, music, and crafts.


Teens are included in the adult programming with the addition of a teens only class.


Introduce your child to history and culture in a whole new way. They'll explore rich heritage through music, dance, and craft, and find out about other cultures in a way they'll never forget. Our youth program is fun and challenging and takes place in a warm atmosphere of friends and family.

The Youth Program is divided into separate tracks for children youngest children, mid age children, and older children, with age-appropriate instruction for each group. Dance classes include live music!


Childgrove is a gem of a program for our youngest campers. Our engaging rhythm for our days includes outdoor movement, circle time, focused craft, and interactive creative play. At the end of the week the kids return home with new crafts in their hands, new songs in their heads, and new friends in their hearts. You CAN have a successful camp experience with us!

* Infants are welcome with their parents. Parents of infants are also welcome to take their babes in secure carriers to the adult classes.*


Our exuberant revelers, early elementary age, have no shortage of joy to experience. From sharing games, music and dancing with playful guidance, to creating, crafting, and exploring the nature around us, these kids experience being part of a larger community and creating amazing bonds with their peers.


Older kids are ready for their part to play. They'll dance in teams, amp up their folk skills, and learn some leadership in the community.

Live music is featured throughout the daily schedule and evening festivities.

During the evening dance, parents enjoy themselves on the dance floor while their children are tucked away in bed, checked on periodically by monitors.

Visit our schedule and class descriptions for details about this year's class offerings, and see our staff list to learn about our class leaders.

Our Sponsor

Cumberland Dance Week and our sister week Terpsichore's Dance Holiday are sponsored by The Lloyd Shaw Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and teaching of the folk dances of America.

Lloyd Shaw's legacy is intended to share a diverse range of dance and music with an intergenerational audience, develop leadership in dance and music to ensure its continuity, retain records which document the past, present, and future of American dance and promote fellowship and enjoyment through the production of dance events, music, and dance materials.

Photo credits -
Anna Claire Camp
(childgrove, revelers, mummers)
Beth Harvey (adult, youth, live music photo)