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Updating Auto Pay (1).mp4

Updating Auto Pay on a Computer

You can also remove outdated payment methods.

Updating Auto Pay (on Mobile).mp4

Updating Auto Pay on a Mobile Device

Using the browser on your phone or device

Updated Tax Info.mp4

Need to find your tax info?

Check out this quick video!

Adding Family Members 2.mov

Do you need to add children to your account in order to register them?

CSISD Students Grades K-6

Dashbaord Tour 2.mov

Having trouble navigating the registration system?

Here is a quick tour to help!

Authorized Pick Up 2.mov

Do you need to allow other people to pick up your child?

Enter Authorized Pickups

Invoice Payment.mov

Do you need to pay an invoice?

You can also enroll in Auto-Draft!


Do you need to register for Kids Klub?

Eleyo System

Submit an Absence.mov

Is your child going to be absent from Kids Klub?

Please let us know!

Family Passcode.mp4

Need to find your family passcode?

Check out how here!

Is my family and payment information safe?

The Eleyo system we use for registration is PCI compliant.

Am I able to enroll in auto-pay, using a bank account or credit card?

Yes, through your account you may enter and manage this information.  Automatic payments will be drafted on the due date of your invoice.

How far in advance do I need to submit a registration application for my child to start attending Kids Klub?

Registration applications must be submitted at least 1 week before your anticipated start date.  This allows time for our staff to determine available space and be made aware of your child and any information they need before caring for your child.  Also, you will need to make your child's teacher is aware for dismissal purposes based on the determined start date. 

If my child attended Kids Klub prior to the 2018 school year, does my account information transfer to this system?

No.  You must create a new account in order to enroll in this program.  Once that account is created, you may then update your profile as needed and manage your payment options. 

What is Quick Pay?

Quick Pay allows you or another party to apply an individual payment to your account.  (Ex. Parent or family member who does not have an account in the system, but makes payments toward an active account.)