Post date: Aug 23, 2017 3:50:05 PM

Music on a Mission

My Brother Art

My Hero and Inspiration

We were in Southern California last weekend, where we celebrated my brother's life. He passed from this life to next on 7/11/17 after a 5 year fight with multiple myeloma. There's not enough space to elaborate on what a great life my brother lived, but there is one aspect of his life that aligns with what we have been endeavoring to do with Crossover Sound Waves. My brother loved music and played drums in a cover band called Dead Men Rockin'. This is a band that is comprised of great people who are excellent musicians.

My brother continued to play with them until the last year of his life, and they played benefit concerts for the City of Hope. They did toy drives for the children receiving treatment for cancer at this facility. These were well-attended parties where people got together, had fun, listened to great music and supported a great cause. My brother was often in significant pain, but he did not let that stop him from creating these great events. He finished his race well, and made a huge positive difference for many. Rest in peace, my brother.

-James Jurado

It's great when one gets a small glimpse of a dream becoming real. For me, it's combining revenue generated from musical endeavors with helping families with housing related needs. Our band, The Affordable Cover Act, had the opportunity to do this with revenue generated from the Human Race and revenue from playing the 50th anniversary for the Volunteer Center. We were able to help a family get their utilities turned back on.


We are putting some finishing touches on a song called '46'. It should be out within a month. 'You Were There' and 'Lost in the Shuffle' is on Google Play Music. Click the link if you want to listen to 'You Were There' or 'Lost