Music on a Mission

Crossover Sound Waves is a group of people that endeavors make a positive difference in our communities through the arts and other related means. We currently offer an ongoing groups to support the creation development and release of music. The Song Progression Support Group meet during the month. Click on the links to get more detail on meeting times and dates. Our new You Tube channel is coming soon. Please sign up for our newsletter for events we will be sponsoring in Santa Cruz County, CA.

We have provided help with our grant program to single moms forced to choose between paying rent and an unexpected expense, like a car in need of repair. We have provided rental assistance, helped with temporary housing, assisted with unexpected bills and have raised money for homeless family shelters. We have no paid staff, so our overhead is low. Your money will be well spent to help families and children in real need. Please donate today.

Can also show your support to help families and children by clicking the button below to make a donation. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can still use PayPal. Click on the PayPal icon, enter your amount and look on the lower left hand side of the page. Click on the link and you can submit your donation without a PayPal account.