Crossover Sound Waves Grants

How Do I Get a Grant for Someone through Crossover Sound Waves?  

Our niche in homeless services continuum is to prevent homelessness, or help with rapid rehousing efforts. We primarily work with families. The Crossover Sound Waves Housing Grant is a resource provided by Crossover Sound Waves Inc. for people who are actively participating in a church or charitable nonprofit recognized by Crossover Sound Waves Inc. These are small grants for general assistance related to housing needs for low income families. Regular access is for non-urgent access of a grant to get into, or sustain housing. The maximum grant amount is $500, if funding is available. The amount granted is dependent upon the amount of available funds. The fund can also be used for more urgent and specific needs (i.e. utility assistance, car repair, etc). The fund needs to be requested by staff from recognized agencies, as they are the conduits for access. Staff from such agencies will request these funds on behalf of the family/individual they are working with by utilizing the following procedure:

In the past we have helped single moms with financial shortfalls that threatened their housing. We've help single working moms get cars repaired, helped cover rent and other unexpected bills that put housing for these families at risk. We have no paid staff at this point, so the money goes directly to the need. Please consider a tax deductible donation to Crossover Sound Waves Inc. to help families with housing needs.  

Here's the address:

Crossover Sound Waves Inc.

PO Box 442

Mount Hermon, CA 95041

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James Jurado

President of Crossover Sound Waves Inc.

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