Smart City

Privacy concerns on Smart Lampposts

Concerning the collection of data by the smart lampposts, I requested the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer to clarify on the privacy concerns and urged the government to remove the cameras and surveillance systems installed in the lampposts and switch to radar technology to avoid privacy risks. In 2019 Decembers, the Multi-functional Smart Lampposts Technical Advisory Ad Hoc Committee agreed that the lampposts should change to adopt LIDAR and thermal detectors.

Archives Law and Access to Information

In 2019, the Law Reform Commission released two consultation papers on Archives Law and Access to Information. However, the public consultation period was unreasonably short. Joining with Hon Tanya Chan, Hong Kong Journalists Association, Archives Action Group and Progressive Lawyers Group, we launched a public petition and successfully urged the Commission to extend the consultation period for another two months. In response to the two laws that for years I have advocated with various groups and the IT sector, I issued two policy submissions, calling on the government to fasten the pace of the legislative process and implement the Electronic Records Management without further due.

5G development

Joined with Hon James To and Hon Alvin Yeung, we requested to discuss 5G spectrum allocation after the government delayed the policy discussion in Legco twice. I have pressed on the authority to address the problems concerning base stations and the restricted zones in Tai Po. In 2019, auction of 5G spectrum in 3.5 GHz band was completed and in 2020 January the government carried out the auction of 3.3 GHz band.

Smart government

In 2019 June, there was a floor debate at Legco on "improving the employment terms of civil servants, enhancing the efficiency of policy implementation and promoting creativity and innovation", I raised an amendment motion urging the government to adopt technology to improve public services and step up in the technology training for civil servants. The motion was approved.