Internet freedom and privacy

Keeping the Internet On, No Internet Shutdown

The government implemented mask ban in 2019 October using the Emergency Regulation Ordinance and did not rule out the possibility of passing further regulations to impose restrictions on the Internet, online forums and telecommunication platforms. I issued an open letter to Carrie Lam and ExCo Members, warning against Internet shutdown.

Fighting against the catch-all computer crime law

For years, I argued that section 161 of the Crimes Ordinance was improperly used by the prosecution for a broad range of cases. In 2014, I launched an online petition and in 2015, raised a motion in Legco calling on the government to review and stop abusing the law. In 2019 April, the Court of Final Appeal ruled that the offence does not extend to the use of the offender’s own computer and therefore narrow the scope of the law. I will remain cautious to the government for casting an even wider net with an amendment of existing cybercrime law, that could aid surveillance on citizens. The government must consult the public thoroughly on the handling of cybercrime to balance the need of stopping computer crime and the rights of citizens.