Fostering growth of IT industry

Creating business opportunities for tech SMEs and start-ups

For years I have urged the government to create more business opportunities for local tech SMEs and start-ups by reforming the procurement policies and launching an online platform to match service demands and solutions. In 2019, the government launched the Smart Government Innovation Lab to provide a platform for encouraging innovative solutions and product suggestions from the IT sector, particularly local start-ups and SMEs.

Nurturing talents

Subsidies under the Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities have raised to HKD8 millions and the Science Park will also step up the support to start-ups. I have urged the government to expand the hiring subsidies under the Innovation and Technology Fund and last year we saw the government extend the coverage of the Researcher Programme, Postdoctoral Hub and Public Sector Trial Scheme.

Technology Voucher Programme, Innovation and Technology Venture Fund

As a continued effort to improve the Technology Voucher Programme, I urged the government to facilitate the application process and extend the coverage of the Programme. I have arranged more than one seminars for the IT sector to get a better understanding of the details concerning the Programme .

One of my work focuses is on start-up support. The Innovation and Technology Venture Fund is in operation and I will continue to press on the government to streamline the application and monitor the use of the fund.