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Support Services

How we support students.

High School Counselors collaborate regularly with members of the Student Support Services team to provide connections and resources for students in need of extra supports.  If a parent or student has a concern, please start with a phone call or email to the high school counselor.  The counselor works to understand individual needs and to connect the student to in-school supports if indicated.  School Counselors regularly consult with our professionally certified School Psychologist and School Social Worker. Counselors also regularly consult with school administrators, the school nurse, and faculty in support of student needs and concerns.

"I Have A Concern. Who Can Help?"

In brief:
The School Counselor:
Whenever possible, start here. Collectively, the counselors have caseload assignments encompassing the entire student body, and regularly work with all members of the school community to support student needs.  Reach out to the counselor to determine next steps. Contact information is located on the main page.

The School Psychologist
The School Psychologist receives extensive graduate training and is qualified to administer a variety of standardized tests and assessments.  The School Psychologist also engages in short term, focused in-school counseling and interventions, aimed to provide support for a specific identified need.
CHS School Psychologist
Ms. Brigitte Duffy

The School Social Worker
The School Social Worker is a highly trained mental health professional who serves as the link between school, home and community services, and also has a regular, identified caseload of students working on identified issues. The Social Worker regularly collaborates with community services and can provide a direct connection to help from the wider community.
CHS School Social Worker
Ms. Lori DeVito

Scope of practice.

All school-based mental health professionals provide responsive services and crisis support when the need arises. Generally, these team members can provide short-term, targeted intervention as related to furthering a student's ability to succeed academically and socially within school. These supports can include short-term, goal-oriented counseling sessions aimed at assisting with study skills, emotional concerns, social challenges, and other issues that may arise. Some students/families may be advised to seek additional supports (counseling/psychological/psychiatric etc.) outside of school to meet needs that are greater than can be provided in a school-based setting.

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