Mission of the District

The mission of the Camas School District is to ”Provide students with the ability to communicate effectively, use technology, reason, be self-confident, possess mental and physical health, and work effectively with others. In broader terms, our mission is to create a learning community where staff, students, and citizens are involved jointly in the advancement of knowledge and personal growth.”

1:World Initiative

One way we intend to support this mission is with our “1:World” initiative. We are investing in our future leaders and continuing to create a digital-age learning culture by deploying Chromebooks to 6th -12th grades, for use at both home and school. Grades K-5 have 1:1 devices in their classrooms.

1:World Philosophy

Our implementation does not stop at the deployment of devices. It is focused on the enhancements and extensions that can be leveraged from these tools, which were previously inconceivable. In tandem, we will be supporting our staff and students with curated online resources, best practices regarding online citizenship, and the fostering 21st century skills such as collaboration, and real-world problem solving. We believe these rich opportunities not only allow the extension of the classroom beyond walls, but are aligned with our high expectations, create equity of access, and prepare students for their role beyond their Camas education.

1:World Implementation

With the privilege of access comes the responsibility of access. To help make this transition successful for all, we ask that parents and students take time to read through the Assurance Program together, to create discussion about best practices for your individual home.

Thank you for partnering in this endeavor!

Annual Assurance Program

The Annual Chromebook Assurance Program provides an inexpensive solution for families to lessen the financial burden if an accident or theft occurs. See form below for details.